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we love the women that fandom hates

love me or hate me! either way you're thinking of me

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It started with akzseinga saying: I'm tired with people saying nasty things about Ginny Weasley just because she's a girl! Let's have a female characters appreciation meme!. And then people started telling their friends. And those friends started telling their friends. And now, here we are...

We're hosting a Women Love Fest once a year. First one took place in September 2011 as a result of a spontaneous outbursts of love for Ginny. What is Women Love Fest, actually? It's one week dedicated to the awesome ladies of fandom that we feel don't get enough love and are hated for all the wrong reasons. The sole purpose of this fest is to spread the love of female characters. Write fics, metas, make fanmixes and graphics. Do whatever you like to show appreciation for lady of your choice. Sounds interesting? Go ahead, read the POSTING RULES and join the fun!
1. Choose a fictional woman that you love and against whom, at one point or another, you felt fandom hatred. It doesn't have to be a woman that majority of fans hates (Ginny Weasley, Susan Pevensie, Bela Talbot). It is enough if you read somewhere that she deserves to die because she kissed that guy and not another (Elena Gilbert) or that that bitch tries to act like a man (Kara Thrace). The sad truth is that, probably, every woman in any fandom will pass that criteria.

2. Every day of the week write on your site (lj, tumblr, blog) something related to particular character you chose. It doesn't have to be a comprehensive meta (although that is welcomed, of course). There is a poem that you associate with the character? Post it! A song? A quote perhaps? You can do graphics, picspams, write fics, anything that you like, as long as you show how much you love them. It's up to you. Note: do not post any entries on this community. womenlovefest is just a database. Post everything on your personal blog and drop us a comment in your character's masterpost. You an also leave comments in daily entries that are going to be posted during the fest.

3. You can choose more that one character, if you wish so. Moreover, you can write about any woman from ANY fandom, even the smallest one, as long as she has her own masterpost. Books, movies, tv shows, comics, anime, dramas, anything you feel like. The more the merrier.

4. Right now there are over three hundred characters' masterposts to choose from. If you can't find a lady you'd like to write about (to check it go to our tag list), don't worry, before every Women Love Fest there will be a chance for you to claim characters.

5. Please, make entries related to this action open for all, even if most of your journal is closed.
1. This is a women-friendly and feminist-friendly community. We accept links to any posts devoted to fictional women and their awesomeness. We don't accept bashing. We don't say slut. We don't say not feminine enough. We don't say she's such a girl. (Unless, of course, we're quoting all those people who made us angry by saying so.)

2. We accept links to posts in any language. We want people from all over the world to feel comfortable here, so we're looking for volunteers to translate this intro and POSTING RULES into various languages. Right now we can answer your questions in POLISH and SPANISH. If you want to work on any other language, send a Private Message to wlfmod (preferably in English, because that's the language all the mods speak, but some of us are also able to read messages in Polish and Spanish) or to akzseinga (English or Polish).

3. wlfmod is devoted solely to crossposting mod posts and announcements. This is where we're posting all the mod stuff that's not in English.

4. Have loads and loads of fun!
Something isn't clear? Perhaps you will find answers in one of these places, if not, feel free to ask more questions!